Print With Panache
by Nancy Rathbun Scott
Need to get something printed? These organizational tips will save you money.
1. Develop a budget for the project.
2. Develop a production schedule, working backwards:
When must the piece be in the hands of readers/customers;
When must the piece be mailed;
When must the piece be delivered from the printer to the mailer;
When must final artwork be delivered to the printer;
When must approved artwork be delivered to you from the artist;
When must rough artwork be received for approval from the artist;
When does the artist need copy.
3. Give the graphic artist full information (purpose of the piece, who will receive it, tone or mood you want to achieve, desired method of production, number of colors involved, desired type of layout, deadline, your budget).
4. Get three bids from printers. Be prepared to give the printer details on paper stock, paper size, ink colors, format (folding, number of sides printed, any perforations, etc.), number of copies, delivery place and deadlines.
Nancy Rathbun Scott is a business writer living in the Washington, D.C. area. She can be reached at Visit for more information.

@2004 Nancy Scott