Put Clout in Your Memo
by Nancy Rathbun Scott
The Enterprise Memo, detailed in the Sales Manager's Desk Book by Gene Garofalo, will move you up the corporate ladder ahead of schedule, says the author.
But Enterprise memos also involve risk. After all, the writer is suggesting real change in the organization. Garafalo's advice? Structure the enterprise memo like this:
1. Write only an outline of the idea.
2. Polish the writing until a child could understand what is being proposed.
3. Try to suggest evolutionary rather than revolutionary changes.
4. Suggest changes related to the recipient's particular areas of responsibility and expertise.
5. Expect criticism.
6. Send copies of any recommendations as high up the managerial ladder as politically prudent.
7. Expect inertia.
8. Save your ammunition.
9. Give credit to others who have contributed to the plan.
10. Have an implementation plan ready to go just in case the suggested changes are accepted.
Nancy Rathbun Scott is a business writer living in the Washington, D.C. area. She can be reached at author@nancyscott.com. Visit www.nancyscott.com for more information.

@2004 Nancy Scott