Film and Video

Liberty Communications Group produces short narrative films and commercial video. In addition to handling location, casting, music, and production scheduling, commercial and entertainment film both need professional script writing, and patient, intuitive film editing (even YouTube has the good, the bad, and the ugly).

Featured Story


by Nancy Rathbun Scott

The savannah grasses blew hot and dry across the plains. ChiWara, who had separated from the herd, stood, nose to the wind, graceful antlers piercing the relentless blue sky.

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Content Aggregation and Marketing

Yes, "Content Aggregation" involves creating original material (articles, reports, videos, blogs, slideshows, social media, etc.). It also includes repurposing material, reporting on relevant information from others, gathering and summarizing research and data, monitoring communities, and bringing all content together for easy consumption. Yes, I can do that.

Writing and Editing

Writing that works leans to the business side of things. Business articles, marketing copy, web content, annual reports, sales collateral, executive profiles, emails, and news to the media have a job to do. But, then there’s the fun stuff (you know, like film scripts, essays, blogs, and books). It’s all good.

Nancy Rathbun Scott is a writer/editor, sponsored content developer, content aggregator and marketer, information architect, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur whose prolific career has encompassed work for a variety of organizations, both commercial and nonprofit. Nancy has authored five books, written weekly columns for USA Today, published numerous print and online publications, and regularly pens articles for executive clients. Nancy’s company, Liberty Communications Group, provides editorial, social media, content development, public relations and marketing services.
Public Relations

Copywriting and web content for business should persuade. To get the convincing word out there, depend on media research and development, expert articles, fresh ideas, press releases that actually say something, and devotion to editors’ needs. Keeping track of results gets easier with a proprietary online database that everybody can pop into from the beach.

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